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Alex has spoken to dozens of groups: synagogue members, educators, students, business leaders, and more. He will make you laugh and make you think. Below is a sample of sessions that are available.

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Israel Politics/Engagement

1. The ABCD's of the future of Israel and Palestine: articulating four potential options for the future, and assessing the chances for each.

2. Engaging with Israel in the era of Smotrich and Ben-Gvir: A guide for the perplexed, the despairing, and the petrified.

3. Can Jews ever be free from our traumatic past? A look at Jewish and Israeli identity post-October 7th.

4. How did Israel become the Start-Up Nation even though its school system is so terrible? A candid look at the state of K-12 education in Israel, how Israel has succeeded until now despite it all, and what the dangers are for the future.

General Jewish Educational Themes

1. Who wrote the Torah and why does it matter?

2. What does progressive pedagogy in Jewish studies look like?

white and black concrete buildings at daytime
white and black concrete buildings at daytime
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white and brown star on brown tree branch
Book talk on my debut novel, Perfect Enemy

Perfect Enemy, a thriller set in contemporary Israel, is an exciting, page-turning suspense novel which raises uncomfortable questions about Jewish power, the hunger for revenge, and the idealism of those seeking peace. This session consists of a couple of short readings from the book to whet people's appetites about it, and a discussion about some of the uncomfortable issues it raises (without giving away too many spoilers, of course).


Alex did a terrific job engaging audiences of different backgrounds. In a conversation with parents and grandparents, he was able to deftly make room for different viewpoints and still offer helpful guidance in a nuanced, balanced, and fair way.

Perfect Enemy is eerie, suspenseful, and hopeful. The book offers a window into modern Israeli society, with all of its nuance, complexity, and beauty. Dr. Sinclair’s book talk presentation weaves together his debut fiction novel with his expertise about Israel.

Rabbi Alex Freedman
NSS Beth El Synagogue, Highland Park, IL

Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz
Congregation B'nai Israel, Rockville, MD